ýern1ground, earthýerdeon the ground/floor2placebu ýerdehereol ýerdethereboş ýerfree place/seat3EarthÝer(planet) earth4land, territory, regiontutýan ýeriterritory5country, state6bed, sleeping placeusually a mat on the floor7position, postwork8time, moment9family, descendantOl gyz gowy ýeriň maşgalasy ekeni.That girl comes from a good family.ýer almasycomp.potatoÝer almasy ýeriň aşagynda ýetişýär.A potato grows under the ground.ýer hozcomp.peanutÝer hozy beýniňe peýdaly.Peanut is good for brain.ýer tudanacomp.strawberryBir gözel bazar güni ýer tudana ýygnamaga gitdik.On a beautiful Sunday we went to collect strawberries.ýerinecomp.to/in its placeKitaplary ýerine goý.Put the books back in their place.ýerine ýetirmekcomp.1carry out, fulfil, accomplishBu işi ýerine ýetirmek kyn bolmady.It wasn't difficult to accomplish this task.Ähli başlan işleriňi ýerine ýetirmek hökmandyr.It is important to carry out all the plans you started.2to performJemleýji şertde gatnaşyjylar iki aýdymy ýerine ýetirdiler.As a group those attending performed two songs.

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