doly2do:ly1adjfull, filled, stuffedAwtobus adamdan doly.The bus is full of people.doly bolmakto be fullbedre suwdan dolythe bucket is full of waterÇäýnek çaýdan doly.The teapot is full of tea. Şu gün öýmiz myhmandan doly.Our home is full of guests today.Saçagyň üsti iýmitden doly.inanimate2adjcomplete, full, wholedoly orta bilimdiplomaOn klasy tamamlap doly orta bilim attestatyny aldym.After I had completed ten grades I received my accreditation.doly ygtyýarly wekilfully authorised representativeTäze jaýa göçýänligim sebäpli ýüregim şatlykdan doly.Because we have moved to the new house I am really happy.

Men Mukaddes Kitaplary doly okap çykdym.I have read all of the Sacred Books.Täze karar bilen biz doly ylalaşýarys.We completely agree with the latest decision.Gitmeli bolup filimi doly görüp ýetişmedim.I did not manage to watch the whole film because I had to go.Leksiýany doly diňläp,professoryň soraglaryna jogap berdik.We listened to the whole lecture and answered the professor's questions. Ejemiň soraglaryna doly jogap berdim.I answered all my mother's questions.
3adjfilled, repleteEjemiň soraglaryna doly jogap berdim.I answered all questions of my mother.4fat, overweight

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