basmakv1to treadAýak basmak üçin basgançak gurnadyk.We made steps to tread on.2to hugEne üzak wagt görmedik balasyny bagryna basdy.The mother hugged the child she hadn't seen for ages.3to conquer1327-nji ýylda Çingiz han Buhara imperiýasyny basyp aldy.In 1327 Ghengis Khan conquered the Bucharan empire.4to storeGüýz aýlary maldarlar ot basyp, gyşa taýynlyk görýärler.In the autumn farmers store grass and keep it for the winter.5to try6to dipJenaýatçynyň barmaklaryny syýa basyp, yzyny aldylar.Criminals' fingers were dipped in ink, and their fingerprints were taken.7to place, putPolis ony tutup, gabawhana basdy.The police caught him, and placed him in a cell.8to fill up withÝaşalmaýan jaýyň içini derrew çaň basýar.A house not lived in quickly becomes full of dustýüzüne confront, say something directly to another persons faceEdilen ýalňyşy ýüzüne basyp aýtdy.He told him his fault straight to his face.Ody özüňe bas, ötmese kesekäsay.Try something yourself before you expose it to others.Sen näme uly bolup kiçä azar berýäň? Ody özüňe bas, ötmese kesekä.Why do you hurt a little even if you are big? Try something yourself before you expose it to others.

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