arka1postback, behindarkam agyrýarback painarkaňda götermekto carry (a child or things) on one's back2nrearöýüň arkasyrear of a houseoturgyjyň arkasychair back3nreversemedalyň arka ýüzithe reverse side of a medal; the 'tails' side of a coin4nsupportOnda arka ýok.He has no support/backing. (political, financial, family)Ol arka durjak.He will provide support.Ol kakasynyň pulunyň arkasyndan instituty tamamlady.He completed his studies at university thanks to the help of his father's bribes.He bribed his way through university with his father's help.arka tapmakto find support, find a sponsor5ngenerationýedi arkaňy tanamakto know seven generations [of ancestors]arkasyndan gürrüňini talk behind someone's back

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