dolamakv1to roll, wrap, coverçagany gundaga dolamakto swaddle the babyÇagany dolap daşaryk alyp çykdyk.We wrapped the child and took her out. Sowgadyň daşyna kagyz doladyk,soňra bant edip daňdyk. We wrapped the present and fastened a bow. Nany saçaga salyp dolap goýdum.We covered the bread with a cloth.Halyny hem palasy dolap goýsaň, ýerişi döwülmeýär.If you roll carpets and rugs they will not damage. Kagyzy dolap çüýşäň içine saldyk. We rolled a paper and put it into the bottle. 2turn, turn around, turn backmallary yzyna dolamakto turn the herd around Gün ýaşmaka çopan sürini yza dolady.Before sunset the shepherd turned the flock around. Ýolda tupan turup,kerweni yza doladyk.Turn to right at the first crossroads at the main road.maşyny çepe dolamakto turn the car leftGidip barýan adamy yza dolamak üçin uly sebäp gerek.There needs to be a good reason to turn back the person who is leaving.3to take care ofHäzir hojalygyňy dolamak alada boldy.Now it is a worry to take care of the family.Uly maşgalany dolamak üçin uly girdeji gerek.To take care of a large family you need a large budget.

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