uzamakv1to lengthen, to grow longer, stretchGyşyň gelmegi bilen gijelerem uzaýar.As winter approaches the nights begin to draw in.2to grow, reachAgaçlaryň depesi asmana uzapdyr.The treetops reached as far as heaven.Berdiň gullykda bolan wagty boýy uzapdyr.Berd grew taller while he was in the army.3to reach up (for)Kitap tekjesinden kitap almak üçin elimi ýokaryk uzatmaly.I had to stretch my arm up in order to reach the book from the bookshelf.eliň be well off, comfortably offIş tapanym bäri elimem uzaýar, gerek zadymy alyp bilýärin.I have a high income since I found work, I can get everything what I want.

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