dökülmekv1to be spilt, be poured, poured out, overflowBu ýere ýag dökülipdir.The oil was poured into this place.Içeri dökülipdir.The contents had been poured out.2to be strewn, scattered; go to wasteSeniň gözýaşyň dökülmesin!Let not your tears go to waste!3to be shed4to fall, fall uponTalaňçylar gala döküldiler.The raiders fell upon the castle.5to fall, fall outJübimdäki ownuk pullar dökülipdir.The change in my pocket has fallen out.Ýapraklar dökülýär.The leaves are falling.6to be cleansed, forgiven, disappearMöýi öldürseň, günäň dökülýär.If you kill a spider, your sin is forgiven.

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