ýerleşmekv1to be located, be situatedTürkmen döwlet uniwersiteti Aşgabat şäherinde ýerleşýär.The Turkmen State University is situated in Ashgabat.2to fitÝygnan garpyzlaryň hemmesi araba ýerleşer.All the picked water-melons will fit into the cart.3to be put upMyhmalar bizde ýerleşdiThe guests were put up at our place.4to be acceptedemployment, education5to be used up, be spentNorma boýunça alnan harytlarýň hemmesi ýerleşdi.All the goods have been used up at the expected rate.6to be put awayOýunjaklar ýerleşmeli.The toys need to be put away.7to settleHan bu ýerde derýanyň kenarynda ýerleşdirdi.The khan settled them here on the banks of the river.8to get marriedf

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