doňmakv1to freeze, be frozenDerýa doňupdyr.The river has frozen over.2to harden, setÝag doňupdyr.The oil has set.3to freeze, feel coldSowukdan ýaňa ellerim doňdy.My hands have frozen from the cold.Men sowukdan ýaňa doňdum.I am frozen from the cold.Maşynyň ýagy doňupdyr.The oil of car has frozen. Gyşa alyp goýan ary balymyz doňupdyr.Honey which we kept for winter has frozen.Ýag doňmaz ýaly ýyly ýerde goýmaly.The oil should be put in warm place in order not to be frozen.Ol bizi görenden doňup galdy.He froze when he saw us.Gorkymdan ýaňa doňup galypdyryn.I froze with fright.

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