diplomdi'plomn1diploma, (first) degreeMen tapawutlanan diplom aldym.I got a first-class diploma.Uniwersitetimi gutaryp diplomymy alamsoň öz kärimden işe durjak.After graduating from university and getting my diploma I am going to get a job in my own profession. diplom işidegree workMeniň ýazan diplom işimiň temasy, biziň ekologiýa bolan zyýanymyz.The subject of my diploma thesis is anthropogenic ecological damage.2award, certificatesergide diplom alan harytlargoods which won an award at the exhibition.Sergide diplom alan suratlar we şekiller görkezildi.At the exibition the paintings and shapes were shown which won an award.

Sportsmene dünýa çempiony diplomyny gowşurdylar.The sportsman was given an award as world champion.

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