salmakcfsalynmak2v1to build, constructjaý salmakto build a houseköpri salmakto build a bridge2to put (in, into), placehalta salmakto put into a bag3to arrange, findişe salmakto find someone a job4to beat, shakeýumruk salmakto shake one's fist, beat with a fist5to mark, put a mark (on)tagma salmakto put a mark (on)6to spreaddüşek salmakto make the bed7to set, put indiş salmakto have a denture put insuraty ramka salmakto frame a picturecomp.abraýdan aýyrmakabraýaýyrmakaldawa deceivebilmezlige pretend not to know somethingdiň salmakcomp.vto listen intently, listen carefullyDaşardan gelýän seslere diň salyp durdym.I listened intently to the sounds coming from outside.Iňlis dilinde aýdyp duran aýdyma diň salsamam düşünmedim.I could not understand an English song even if I listened very carefully.duzaga salmakcomp.vto catchsala ask adviceyzyna it drive away/out; to take the bull by the hornsOlar gyzyň öýüne gudaçylyga baranlarynda, yzyna it salyp kowupdyrlar.When they went to bride's home to arrange marriage, they drove them out.ýola salmakcomp.1to see somebody off; to regulate, put rightMen ony gapa çenli ýola saldym.I saw him off until the door.2to get something going, set things in motionişleri ýola salmakto set things going3to leadOl meni dogry ýola saldy.He led me to the right way.

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