doýmakv1to be satisfied, be full, have enough to eatMen doýdum.I've had enough to eat.2to have enough of someone, have one's fillÇişlikden doýmak mümkin däl.It's not possible to have too much kebab.Kim doýmadyk bolsa ýene nahar salyp berjek.I will give more food to those who are not full. Ol gaty doýupdyr.He had eaten a lot. Men siziň boş gürrüňleriňizden halys doýdum. I am fed up with your empty words. Men seniň iňirdiňden doýdum.I am fed up with your grumbling. garny doýsa-da, gözi doýmadykhis eyes are bigger than his bellyMen indi hiç zat iýjek däl, men doýdum.I won't eat any more, I'm full.

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