dynmakdy:nmakv1to avoid, deliver, save, get rid of, shake off, dispose of, throw awaybeladan dynmakto avoid troublekeselden dynmakto shake off an illnessÝanyp başlan ody wagtynda öçürip beladan dyndyk.We avoided trouble by extinguishing the fire. Mamam keselden dyndy indi ýagdaýy gowy.My grandmother has shaken off her illness and feels better now.2to stop, ceaseÝel dyndy.The wind stopped.Ýagyş dynandan soň asmanda älemgoşar göründi.The rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain stopped. Uzak gijesi bilen bolan ýel daňa golaý dyndy.The wind stopped after blowing all night.Enäň agysy dynmady.The mother stopped crying.3to finish, complete, endartyk aladadan dynmakAvoid extra worries. Işden dynaňsoň arkaýyn oturyp çaý içseň bolýar.After completing the work, you can sit and relax and have a cup of tea.Bar sapaklarymy edip dyndym.I finished my lessons.4to calm down, settle down, quieten downÇaga dyndy.The baby calmed down.Aglap duran çaga ejesini göpüp dyndy.The crying baby calmed down when he saw his mother.

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