ulalmakv1to grow, grow upGullugymy dynyp gelýänçäm öýümizde bar zat üýtgäpdir, hatda meniň ekip giden üzüm agaçlarym ulalypdyr.As I finish my army services everything at home was changed, even vine trees grew up which I was planted before.2to increase, to grow; to grow up, to increase, to become proudNäzik iş wezipesinde baş hasapçy bolup ulalypdyr.Nazik became proud after she got the profession of accountant.Men özüm ulalsamam, ýüregim entegem çagaňky.In spite of I grew up, my heart is still as child's.Men mamam bilen babamyň elinde ulaldym.I grew up in the hands of my grandparents.Çagalar ulalsalar-da, ene-atasy üçin olar entegem kiçijik çaga ýaly.Even though children grew up, they are as little child for their parents.negative

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