ýakmak1v1to burn uphapany ýakmakto burn rubbish2to burn downSen meniň aýdanymy etmän, içimi-bagrymyň ýakdyň.You burned down my soul not doing what I said.3to light, set light (to)ot ýakmakto light a fire, kindle a fireGabyrystanda ot ýakmak hem batyldyr.Lighting a flame is also not allowed in a graveyard.4to sting, burnBu arak bogazyňy ýakýar.This vodka burns your throat.5to switch on, turn onMen aýdym eşitmek üçin radiony ýakdym.I switched on radio for listening to music.içini ýakmakcomp.to deliberately hurtJeren gymmatbaha şaýlar dakynyp, jorasynyň içini ýakýar.Jeren deliberately hurt her friend by wearing expensive jewellery.janyňy ýakmakcomp.v1to waste emotional energy (on), make someone angryMeniň gyzym aýdanymy etmän janymy ýakýar.My daughter makes me angry by not doing what I told her to do.2to concern oneself with, worry aboutmallary suwa ýakmakcomp.to water the animalsMallary suwa ýakdym diýip, sen meni aldapsyň.You deceived me by saying you watered the animals.fig

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