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tokaýnwood, forest
tokmaknsledge-hammer, hammer, mallet
tolgundyrmakto worry
tolgunmakv1to be excited, worried2to be nervous3to feel concern for, be concerned about
tolkunnwavetolkun atmakcomp.vto roll (re. sea), [sea] billows roll
tomnvolumeEseriň dört tomy bar.There are four volumes in his work.
tomaşanamusement, show
tomaşaçynviewer, spectator
tomatto'matn1tomato2tomato puréeBrit3tomato pasteAmer
tonna'tonnana metric ton (1000 kilograms)
topn1ball2projectile, shell3gun, artillery
toparcfkomandan1team, group2listat toparlarylist of names
topbakn1pile, heap, massajy burçuň bir topbagysy näçeden?how much does one pile of chillies cost?2crowd
toplamakvto gather (things) together
toplanmakvto gather, assemble
toplumcfkompleksn1group2anthology, collectionMagtymgulynyň eserleri toplumyMagtymguly's collected works3complex, set
toprakn1soil, earth2land, country, earthene toprakmother earth
topulmakv1to jump into, to throw oneself into2to attack someoneKabyl Habylyň üstünde topuldyCain attacked Abel
torbato:rban1bag, sackfor putting reins, horse-blanket, etc. into2nosebag
tormoz'tormozcfaýaknbraketormoz bermekto brake, put on the brakeruçnoý tormozyhandbrake