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hany2interjnow, now then, come, well then, so, wellhany, ýeriňden tur!Come on now, stand up!
hanymha:nym1nlady (polite form of address)2mistress (polite form of address to a married woman)
hapa1adjdirty, muddy, filthyhapa işdirty workhapa ellerdirty handshapa bolmakto be dirtyhapa bolmakto be sad, be in low spiritsfig2ndross, garbage, refuse3ndirt, filth
hapaçylyk1npollution, destruction, dirt, rubbish2adjunsanitary, dirty
hapalamakvto dirty, dirty something, soil, pollute
hapalanmakvto get dirty/soiled
har1ha:radjneglected, disregarded, ignored, scornedhar saklamakto neglect, allow to fall into neglectbagy har saklamakto neglect a gardenhar etmekto neglect, disregard, not to pay attention to
har2nass, donkey
harabahara:banruinsharaba bolup ýatmakto be in ruinsharaba öwrülmekto turn into ruinsharaba öwürmekto reduce to ruins
harajatharaja:tcfharçn1expenses, costsharajat etmekto spend, expend, use2needs, requirements, necessities
haramhara:mcfhalal-haramadj1unlawful, forbidden, unclean (by Islamic Law)haram haýwanunclean animals = animals not allowed to be eaten e.g. because they were not killed in the way specified by Islamic law2illicit, dishonest, forbiddenharam pulill-gotten gains3mean, base, ignoble, vileharam-halalcomp.hara:m-hala:lnclean and unclean, forbidden and allowed, everything
haramzadahara:mza:danscoundrel, villain, rascal
haraphara:padj1bad, damaged, spoiled, broken, ruined, destroyedharap bolmak(of foodstuffs) go bad; (of teeth) decay, rot; get out of orderfig2bad, sad, mournful, terribleiş harapsorry stateOnuň haly harapHe is in a terrible state.
harasatharasa:tn1hurricane, storm, squall, galefig2war, troubles, chaos
haraznmillsüw harazywater mill
harbyharby:adjmilitary, martialharby uçilişemilitary collegeharby borçlyliable for call-upharby borçlulykliability for military serviceharby ýesirprisoner of warharby gullukçyservicemanharby komissariýatmilitary registration and enlistment officeharby geýimuniformharby däl geýimcivilian clothesmilitarypolice
harby-deňizharby:-deňizadjnavalharby-deňiz flotyNavy
harby-howaharby-howa:adjair forceharby-howa güýçleriAir forces
harçcfharajatnexpense, expenditure, expensesýol harjytravelling expensesharç etmekto spend, expend
harçlamakvto spend, expend, use up, wastepuly biderek harçlamakto waste one's money
harlamakv1to disregard, ignore, neglectBu ýigit atasynyň beren öwüdini harlady.This boy disregarded his father's advice.2to snoreOnuň daýzasy harlap ýatýar.His aunt is snoring in her sleep.
harmann1threshing floorharman döwmekto threshpagta harmanyspin cotton 2grain store, silo, barn