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tiredeşfellow tribesman, fellow tribes person, person from the same tribe
tirkemekvto hook on, couple, hitch
tirkeşmekvto be together, go togetherOl ikisi bile tirkeşmek gitdiler.The two of them walked on together.
tirpildemekto tremble
tirýekkeçopium addict
tisgindirmekvto shock
tisginmekv1to start, jump with surprise, give a start2to shudder, wince, flinch
titremekvquakeýer titremekto have an earthquake
tizti:zadvsuddenly, quicklytiz kömek maşynyambulance
tobato:banrepentancetoba etmekto repent, regret, be sorry
togalakadjspherical, round; fat
togalamakvto roll up, roll something
togalanmakvto rolltop köçä tarap togalanyp gitdithe ball rolled into the street
togtamakvto be stopped
togtatmakvto stop
tokto:knelectricitytok öçdithe electricity has gone off