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telimadvseveral, a few
telpekn(Turkmen) sheepskin hat
temacfmowzuknsubject, topic, theme, issue
temmitemmi:npunishment, correctiontemmi almakto be punishedtemmi bermekto correct, carry out discipline, punish
tennbodyonuň teni sowukhis body's cold
tenginnheat rash
tentekadjsilly, stupid, daft, idiotic
teňňe1n1(silver) coin2one hundredth of a manat; penny, cent
teňňe2nscales (of a fish)
terbiýentraining , upbringing, education; discipline, correctionterbiýe bermekto train, bring up, teach; to correct
terbiýelemekvto train, teach, bring up well
terbiýelenmekto be brought up
terezinbalance, weighing scales
terjimentranslation, interpretation
terjime etmekvto translate, interpret
terjimeçintranslator, interpreter
terjimehalterjimeha:lnbiography, auto-biography
terk etmekvto abandon, leave, desert, forsake
tersadvthe wrong way round, upside down, back-to-frontsen sagady ters dakdyňyou've set your watch upside down
tersleşmeknto contradict each other