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teatrntheatreBu gün teatrda näme gidýär?What's on at the theatre today?
tebigattebi:gatnnature, the natural world; the environmentBiz tebigaty goramalydyrys.We've got to protect the environment.
tebigitebi:giadjnaturalTerjime tebigi bolsa, okatdyrýar.If the translation is natural, it makes you want to read it.tebigi gaznatural gas
tebiptebi:pnherbalist, traditional (folk) doctor
tegelekadjcirculartegelek stolcircular table
tegmilnspot, stain, blotch, blot
tegmiltnspot, stain, blotch, blot
tehnikiadjtechnologicaltehniki instituttechnological institute
tejribeliadj1experiencedtejribe etmekconduct an experiment2experimental
tekenmale goat; billy goatTekecomp.1nThe Teke tribe2adjTeketeke halysyTeke carpetname of one of the Turkmen tribes
tekepbirtekepbi:r1adjproud2advhaughty, haughtily, proud, proudly, arrogant, arrogantly
tekepbirliktekepbi:rliknpride, arrogance
tekizteki:zadjhorizontal, even, flat; smooth
tekjenshelfkitap tekjesibookcase, book shelf
tekliptekli:pnsuggestion, offer, recommendationteklip etmekto make a suggestion, to offer, recommend
telefontele'fonntelephone, phonetelefon arkalyby phonejübi telefonyunspec. comp. formnmobile phone, cell phoneHäzirki döwürde Türkmenistanda 530 müň adamda jübi telefony bar.Today 530,000 people in Turkmenistan have mobile phones.
telekadjwrong, mistaken
telekea worry that sets you to work; motive
telekeçin1a conscientious person, motivated person2entrepreneur, innovator
telekeçilikcfkommersiýacommerce, trade
telewizortele'wizorntelevision (set), T.V.