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tarapynpostby means of, by
tarapyndanpostby means of, by
tarpnvirgin (territory); fallow (ground)
tarypta:ry:pnpraise, thanks, compliment, boast
taryplamakta:ry:plamakvto praise, complement
tasadvjust about, nearlyEmma 125-nji böküş Binn üçin tasiň soňkusy bolupdy.But for Binn, the 125th [parachute] jump was almost his very last.
taslamakto sketch, draw
tassyklamaktassy:klamakv1to confirm, acknowledge2approve
taşlamakv1to throw away, leave behind, abandon2to drop, drop someone offMen seni öýde taşlap gaýdaryn.I'll drop you off at your house then go home.taşlandylarder.rubbish heap
taýta:ýcfbutaýda1n1like, similar, equalşuňa taýsimilar to this, like this2equal, peer3one of an equal number, one of a pair, couple4direction, arearuhy taýdanspiritually, from a spiritual perspective5loadbir taý çuwal bugdaýone sack of wheatfiziki taýdancomp.fiziki 'taýdanadj1physically2physically speaking
taýakn1stick2walking stick
taýmakta:ýmakvto slip, slideonuň aýagyň taýdyhis leg slipped
taýpata:ýpantribe, people groupTeke taýpa içinde köp tire barthe Teke tribe has many clans within it
taýsyzta:ýsyzadjwithout equal
taýynta:ýynnready, preparednahar taýynfood's ready
taýynlanmakta:ýynlanmakvto be about to do something, to be prepared to do something
taýýartaýýa:radj1ready, prepared, finished2fit
taýýarlamaktaýýa:rlamakv1to prepare, get (something) ready, make (something) ready2to train3to cook, to preparefood
taýýarlanmaktaýýa:rlanmakvto prepare oneself, get oneself readyG. ýola taýýarlanýarG. is getting ready to go
taýýarlyktaýýa:rlykn1preparation, readiness2fitnesssports
tazyta:zynhunting dog