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tankydyadjcritical, critically
tankyttanky:tncriticismtankyt etmekto criticizeedebi tankytliterary criticism
tankytlamaktanky:tlamakvto criticise
tansndancetans etmekto dance
tanymaltany:maladjinfluential, well-respected
tanyşadjfamiliarMen häzirki zaman edebiýaty bilen tanyş däl.I'm not familiar with current literature.
tanyşdyrmakcftanamaktanyşmakvto introduce someone (to someone else)özüň bilen tanyşdyrmakto introduce oneself
tanyşlyknacquaintance, friendshiponuň özi tanyşlyk berdihe gave me [the pleasure of] his acquaintance
tanyşmakcftanamaktanyşdyrmakvto be introduced, get to know (each another), become acquainted (with each other)
TaňrynTanry, GodAsman Taňrynyň mekanyThe sky is God's dwelling placeGod of all the sky and earth (a name used by the early Altaic tribes)Bile ýalkasyn!comp.And you too! Thank you!Taňry ýalkasyň!comp.Thank you very much!
tapta:padvcondition, feelingtapdan düş faint
tapawuttapa:wutndifferencetapawudy ýokthere's no difference
tapawutlandyrmaktapa:wutlandyrmakvto differentiate
tapawutlanmaktapa:wutlanmakvto be different from one anotherOlar biri - birinden gaty tapawutlanýarlar.They are very different from each other.
tapçantapça:nnplatformfor tea drinking and sleeping when the weather is hot
tapmakvto find
tapowtlandyrmakvto differentiate, distinguish between, compare
tapowtlanmakvto differ, be different
tapylmakvto be foundbol(lukda) tapylmakabound
tapyndynfind, discovery
tarapndirection, sideöýe tarapin the direction of homeol tarapdain that directionçep tarapdaon the left-hand side
tarapdartarapda:rn1partisan, supporter2ally
taraplaýynadjbiased, one-sided, on the side of