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tölemekvto pay
törtö:rnplace of honourTöre geçiň!Please move to the place of honour!usually the furthest corner of the room, away from the door.; the most important guests sit in the tör
törpinfile, raspAşgabatdan törpi alyp gaýt!Go and buy a file from Ashgabat!
tötändenadvby accident, by chance, accidentally
tötänlikadvaccidentally, unexpectedly
töwellan1intermediary, go-between; intercessor2one who warns, one who advisestöwella etmekto warn; advise
töwerekpostapproximately, about, around, roughly
töwerek daşyadjall aroundMeret töwerek daşyny çagyryp toý etdi.Meret gave a wedding-feast and invited everyone.
töwirgraceprayer said at end of meal
Töwratnthe Pentateuch (book of Moses) and historical books of the Old Testament; the Torah and the Prophets in the Hebrew Biblereligious
töwwirtöwwi:rngrace, thanksOlar töwwirden soň tutup gitdiler. After giving thanks [for the food] they got up and left.töwwir galdyrmakcomp.cfomynto say grace, give thanksTurkmen give thanks for the food after the meal
trubkahandsettelefon trubkasycomp.ntelephone handset, telephone, phonetrubka almakto answer the phone
tudanatu:dana-ýer tudanacomp.strawberryBir gözel bazar güni ýer tudana ýygnamaga gitdik.On a beautiful Sunday we went to collect strawberries.
tugtu:gnflag, banner
tulumnwineskin, water-skintulum ýaly çiş puff up (e.g. out of anger) (like a wineskin)
tupantupa:nn1hurricane, tornado; flood2twisterAmer colloq