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tabletkatab'letkacfderman tabletkasynpill
tabşyrmakv1to order, instructDoktor özüniň komekçisine nämedir bir zatlar getirmegi tabşyrdy.The doctor instructed his assistant to go and get some specific items.2to take, passexam3to hand over, hand in (a paper), return something, give something back, check ingoşy tabşyrmakto check in baggage
tabşyrylmakto be ordered
tabynta:by:nadjsubordinate, under (the command of)tabyn etmekto subjugate, subduetabyn bolmakto put oneself under
tabynlyknsubordination, the fact of being subordinate (to)
tabytta:bytncoffin, biertabydy götermekto carry a coffin
tagamn1tasteonuň tagamy ýokit doesn't taste of anything2foodkakam italiýan tagamlaryny gowy görýärmy father likes Italian food
tagamlyadjdelicious, tasty
tagamlykntaste-giver, spice, something added to a dish to make it tasty
taglymattagly:ma:tndoctrine, systematic teaching
tagtan1wood, timber2boardhan tagtatableonly used in the N and NE of the country
tagzym etmektagzy:m etmekvto bow (down), curtsy
tahýanskull-capworn by both men and women
takatta:katcfsabyrsabyr-takatadjendurance, tenacity
takdyrtakdy:rndivinely predestined (fate)
takmynapproximately, roughly, about
takmynantakmy:nanadjapproximate(ly), roughly, about
taksitak'sintaxitaksi tutmakto hail a taxi