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tertibe çagyrmakterti:be çagyrmakcomp. oftertip
tertipterti:pn1disciplineEgin-eşiginiň arassaçylygyna hem tertibine çaga wagtynda-da geleňsizdi. The discipline of washing clothes didn't come naturally to you as a child.2ordergünde okamagyň tertibiorder for daily readingstertibe salmaktidy up, put in ordertertibe çagyrmakcomp.terti:be çagyrmakvto disciplinetertip-düzgüncomp.terti:p-düzgünndiscipline
tertipliterti:plindisciplined, orderly
tertipsizadjchaotic, lacking discipline, lacking order
tesbinprayer beads
tesellincomfort, relief, resolution, satisfaction
teswirlemencomment, commentary
teswirlemekto describe, give an account
teýn1foundation2at all
teýenenreproach, rebuke
teznwild, savage
tezekndung, cow dung, manure
particleuntilertirden tä agşama çenlifrom morning right up to eveningtä men gelýänçäm garaşwait for me until the moment I come backused for emphasis, is redundant in all examples below
täçncrown, birth marknartäçpomegranate(-coloured) crown (i.e. birth mark)girls are named this if they have a birth mark, to make sure that it disappears when they grow up
täjik1nTajiktäjik dilithe Tajik language2adjTajikMen täjik.I am a Tajik.täjik adama Tajik man
täknodd (number), not a pair
tälimntraining; instruction
tämiztämi:zadj1pure, clean2fresh, cleantämiz howafresh air3clear4neat
tämizlenmekvto be cleansed, be purified
tärtärnmethod, means
täretn1ablutions, ritual cleansing (washing before you pray)täret kylmakto perform ritual ablutions2faeces
täsintäsi:nadjstrange, astonishing, surprisingtäsin galmakcomp.find_strange