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tüýlekadjhairy, mossy
tüýnükn1roof (of yurt), housebir tüýnügiň aşagynda ýaşaýarlarthey live under one roof (i.e. in one house)2smoke hole, hole in the rooftop part of the roof of a yurt, the part that opens to let smoke out
tygşytlamaktygşy:tlamakvto economise, save, use sparingly
tygşytlanmaktygşy:tlanmakvto be economic
tygşytlytygşy:tlyadjeconomical, careful
tymsaltymsa:ln1hint2parable3proverbAtalaryň tymsaly: "It üýrer, kerwen geçer."A father's proverb goes, "When the dog barks, a caravan is coming through."
typançakty:pançakadjslipperybuz typançakicy slippery
typmakty:pmakvto slip, slide