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synpcfklasn1year, form, gradeOl ikinji klasda.S/he is in the second year.school2social class
sypanplatforma baked mud platform used for sitting on while drinking tea, especially in Sarakhs
sypalamaksy:palamakvto stroke, feel, caress
sypatnoutward appearance
sypaýysypa:ýyadjpolite, civil, tactful
sypjyrmakvto scrape, scratch
sypmakvto slip, slip away, escapeKäse onuň elinden sypdy.The cup slipped out of his hands.Ol jezadan sypdy.He escaped punishment.
syrnsecret, mysterysyr açmakto reveal a secret
syratsy:ratntemperöz syratyňa seretmeliwatch your temper
syrçanenamelkitriň syrçasy gopdythe enamel on the kettle has come offdişiň esytooth enamelanatomysyrçaň synýarmy näme?comp.You'll be OK.
syrdamsy:rdamadjtall and straight
syrkawn1sick person2patient
syrkawlamakvto be sick, be ill, fall ill
syrmasy:rman1zip, zipper2(electric) razor, shaver
syrmaksy:rmakvto shavesakgal syrmakto shave off one's beard
syrtnbottom, rear end, posterior
syrykdyrmakvto direct
syýagalamcfruçkatutalgatutawaçnpen, ink pen
syýahatsyýa:hatnjourney, trip, excursion, expedition; voyage, cruiseby sea
syýasatçysyýa:satçynpoliticiançepçi syýasatçya left-wing politician