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süzmencottage cheese
süzmekvto filter, sieve, strain
syçmakvto pass a stoolOl syçypdyr!She's filled her nappy!
sygdyrmakcfsygyrmakvto make something fit, force something in
sygmakvto fit
sygynmakvto believe, trust in; worship
sygyrncow (f)sygyr etibeef
sygyrmakcfsygdyrmakvto fit
sykmakv1to press, squeeze2oppress
sykylyksy:kylykn1whistlesykylyk aýtmakto whistle2golden oriole
sylagsy:lagn1honour, respect, esteemsylag almakto be awarded, to gain an award2(financial) reward, fee
sylag-hormatnhonour and respect
sylamaksy:lamakvto respect, esteem, honour
symyşlamakvto use up, run through
synsy:nnconsidersyn consider, pay attention
syn etmek1sy:n etmekvto examine; observe; consider
synamaksy:namakvto test someone or something, to try
synanmaksy:nanmakvto try, attempt
synanyşmaksy:nanyşmakvto try, attempt, undertake
syndyrmaksy:ndyrmakvto win, have victory over, destroy, break off, demolish
synlamaksy:nlamakv1to consider, examine2to observe, look at
synmaksy:nmakvto be won over, be destroyed, lose