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supatn1appearance, look, face2adjectivegrammar
suratsura:tnpicture, photo, imagesurata düşmekto have one's photo takensurat almakto take a photosurat alýancamera
surat alýancffotoapparat
suratçysura:tçycfhudožniksuratkeşnartist, portrait artist, portraitist, photographer
suratkeşcfhudožniksuratçynportrait artist; artist, painter
suratlandyrmakvto describe, to refer to
susaknladle, large spoon
susmakvto spoon
sustnface; heart, spiritonuň susty basyldyhis face fell
suwn1watersuw akyş sistemasyrunning water on tap2juice, soft drinkalma suwyapply juicesuw çüwdürümycomp.cffontanfountain; liquid, saucesuw ýaly speak fluently
suwarmakvto water
suwasamakvto be thirsty
suwsamakvto get thirsty
suwukadjliquidsuwuk zata liquid
sübsenbroom, brush
sübüt-sübüt etmekph. proveMeniň günäsizdigime aklawçy sübüt etdi.The council for the defence proved my innocence.
sülçindetective, investigator
süllermekvto fade, wither; droop, flag, lose heart
sümmülnhead (of e.g. wheat)agricultural
sünnetn1circumcisionsünnet etmekto circumcisesünnet toýcelebration after circumcision2sunnatraditions concerning the prophet Muhammad and the Koranreligious