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soňrakadvlater, afterwards, a little late
soramakso:ramakvto ask
sormakso:rmakvto suck
sowanmisssowa geçmekto miss
sowalnamasowal'namanform, questionnaire, applicationsowalnama doldurmakto fill in a form
sowamakvto get cold, turn coldHowa sowady.The weather has turned cold.
sowaşmakvto cool down
sowatnreading, literacy, ability to read
sowatlynliterate, learned, well-schooled
sowatlylyknliteracyhat-sowatlylykcomp.nliteracyilatyň hat-sowatlylygyliteracy of population
sowçynmarriage arranger, person who arranges the marriage
sowçy bolmakvto propose, to make a marriage proposal
sowçy gitmekvto propose, make a marriage proposal
sowgatnpresent, gift
sowhoznstate farmabbr
sowhozçynfarmer who works on a state farm
sowmakv1to spendmoney2to holdparty3to avoidturn
sowukadj1coldBu gün howa sowuk.It's cold today.2minusBu gün bäş gradus sowuk.It's minus five degrees today.Samolýot altmyş bäş gradus sowuk we bir ýüz ýigrimi gradus gyzgyn howada synag edildi.The aircraft was subjected to temperatures of minus sixty-five degrees and plus one-hundred-and-twenty degrees.
sowuklamakvto have a cold, catch a cold