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siňdirmekvto absorb, soak up
siňeknflyTomusda siňek köp bolýar.There'll be a lot of flies in the summer.
siňmekv1to sink, soak something2to absorb3to digest; go downIýen naharym siňmän dykyn bolup dur. The meal I ate won't go down - it gets stuck.My food won't digest - I've got indigestion.
siýmekvto urinate, pass water
sizPronounyou (pl.)siziňof you, yoursizeto you
sogapsoga:pngood deed
sogurmakvto take out, pull out, extractKempir iňňäni sogrupdyr.The old lady took the needle out.
sojamakso:jamakvto sob, weep aloud
sokmakv1to pierce, insert, thrust in2(re. appliance) plug in
sokulmakvto be crushed
sol1vto fade, wither
solmakvto fade
somsacfgutapnsomsafilled bread cooked in (clay) oven, rather like a pastie or samosa
soňconjunctionafter, thenahyr soňythe last, finalsoňundain the endsoňuny saýmazlykcarelessness
soňkyadjlatest, last, most recentsoňky düwürdecomp.lately
soňlamakvto bring to an end, finish
soňraconjunctionafter thissoňra-daand then, after all that, stillol soňra-da işleýärdihe was still working - after all that