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ruhlandyrmakru:hlandyrmakvto inspire, encourageHalypa şägirdini ruhlandyrdy.The guru encouraged his disciples. The tutor encouraged his students.
ruhlanmakru:hlanmakvto be/feel inspired, be encouragedşatlykly habara ruhlanmakto be encouraged by good news
RuhnamacfsentýabrnSeptemberThe Ruhnama, or "spiritual writings", is a book published by President Saparmurat Niýazow; the month is named in honor of this book
ruhsuzru:hsuzadjsad, down, needing encouragement
ruhubelentru:hubelentadj1inspiredruhubelent ýazyjyinspired writer2enthusiasticOl öz işine ruhubelent başlady.He began his work with enthusiasm.
ruhubelentlikru:hubelentlikninspiration, enthusiasmruhubelentlik bilenwith inspiration, with enthusiasm, enthusiastically
ruhyru:hyadj1innerruhy dünýäinner world2cultural, intellectualruhy baýlyklarcultural wealth3spiritualruhy baglanyşykspiritual connectionruhy taýdanspirituallyruhy taýdan güýçlispiritually strongruhy ejiz adamspiritually weak personruhy golaýlykspiritual closenessruhy islegspiritual desire
ruln1(steering) wheel; wheel, helmwelosipediň rulyhandlebars of a bicyclegäminiň rulyrudder/helm of a shipmaşynyň rulysteering wheelgäminiň rulyship's helm2handlebarswelosipediň rulybicycle handlebars3controls, joystickaeroplane, helicopter4helm, tillergäminiň rulyship's helm
ruscforsadjRussianrus dilinde geplemekto speak Russianrus gyzyRussian girlrus oglanyRussian boy
rusçacforsçaadvin Russianrusça geplemekto speak Russian
ruslaşmakvto become russifiedruslaşan milleta Russified nationmedeniýetiň ruslaşmagythe Russification of one's culture
rüstemadjstrong, invincible
rysgalcfryskn1lot, portion; provisionOl öz rysgalyny gara hyzmaty bilen gazanýar.He earns what is due to him by the sweat of his brow.2fateÖýüňize rysgal ýagsyn.May good fortune rain on his house.Saçagyňyza rysgal!Blessings on your tablecloth!i.e. may it (tablecloth, bread cloth) always be bursting full of food.Baýguşuň rysgaly agzyna gelersay.An owl will be provided for
rysgallyadjfortunate; lucky; happy; successfulrysgally adamlucky person
ryskcfrysgaln1lot; fate2provisionBu seniň ryskyň.This is your fate,ryskyňy zähmet bilen gazanmakTo earn your due by hard work.rysky aýrylmadykcomp.-Ryskyň aýrylmadyk bilsa, hiç zat bolmaz. (diri galmak)If your good fortune hasn't been removed, nothing will go wrong.
ryswaryswa:adjdisgraced, shamedryswa bolmakto disgrace oneself, be disgracedryswa etmekto disgrace, defame