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plýonkapa'lonkan1filmplýonka düşürmekto develop photograph film2tape, cassetteplýonka ýazmakto recordaudio
poçta'poçtacfaragatnaşyk bölümicomp. ofaragatnaşykaragatnaşyk bükjalarcomp. ofaragatnaşykadj1post office2post, mail
poçtalýonpoçtal'ýoncfaragatnaşyk işgäri, hat-pet gatnadýannpostman, letter-carrier
podwalcfýerzeminnbasement, vault, cellarpodwalda saklamakto store something in the cellar
podýezdpod'ýezdcfgirelgenporch, entrance, doorwayikinji podýezdthe second entrance
požarnikcfýangyna garşy göreşýan işgärnfiremanpožarnik bolup işlemekto work as a fireman
polnfloortagta polwooden floorpol düşemekto lay a floor
polatnsteelpolat-betonaggregate granolithic concretepolat guýujysteel founderpolat eredijisteel founder/makerpolat pyçaksteel knifeposlmaýan polatstainless steel
poliklinikapo'liklinikanclinic, surgery, out-patients'The system does not correspond exactly to that in the West. All patients register at a clinic, which is responsible for making sure innoculations are carried out etc. There is, however, no such thing as a general practitioner.
politehnikiadjpolytechnic(al)politehniki institutpolytechnicpolitehniki okuwstudy in a polytechnicpolitehniki bilimeducation in a polytechnic
polotcfdemirn1steel2Polota boy's name
polotensepolo'tensecfdesmalntowelpolotense bilen süpürmekwipe or dry with a towel
pomidorpomi'dorntomatopomidor suwytomato juice
porhanporha:nnshamanporhan bolmakto be a shaman
poroşokpara'şoknpowderdiş poroşogytooth-powder
porsyadjstinkingporsy otfetid herb
port1cfgämi duralgasycomp. ofgäminport, harbourderýa portycomp.portriver
port2adjfragile, frailport agaçfrail tree
portfelnbriefcase, bag
posnrustpos baglamakto become rusty
poslyadjrustyposly çüýrusty nail