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peseltmekcfpeselmekv1to lower, reduce, bring downbahalary peseltmekto reduce the pricessesiňi peseltmekto lower one's voicegulluk derejesini peseltmekto demote2to decreaseToty guş ganatlaryny giň gerip, badyny peseltdi-de...The parrot spread its wings and decreased its speed...3to make worsehilini peseltmekto make the quality worse
pesindenadvat leastpesinden on adamat least ten people
peslemekv1to descend, go/come down, lose heightpesläp uçmakto fly low2to decline
peslikn1shortnessonuň boýy peslik edýärhe is short2lowland, depression3baseness, meannesspeslik etmekto act meanly, act in a mean wayfig
pessaýlamakpessa:ýlamakv1fall, go/come down, descenduçar barha pessaýlaýarthe plane is descending2to calm down, subside, dropýel pessaýlaýarthe wind is dropping
peşehanapeşeha:nan1mosquito netpeşehanada ýatmakto sleep under a mosquito net2room kept free from mosquitoes
peşewnurinepeşew etmekto urinate, discharge urinepeşew analiziurinalysisdial
peşgeşadvfor nothing, gratis, free (of charge), reward for a present/giftpeşgeş bermekto give as a present/gift
petirpeti:rnunleavened breadne hamyr, ne petirneither fish, nor fowlpetir bezelen ýaly be full of holes
peýdapeýda:n1use, benefit, point, profitpeýda görmekto profit frompeýda getirmekto be of benefit (to)peýda ýok.It is useless.Ne peýda?What is the use?Hawa, Igli rast aýdýar, öwünmekden peýda ýok.Yes, Igli is telling the truth; there is no point in boasting about it.2help, assistancepeýda bermekto give helppeýda appear, come out
peýdakeşpeýda:keşnsecond-hand dealer, tradesman, huckster
peýdalanmakpeýda:lanmakvto use, benefit (from), profit (from/by), make use (of)ähli serişdeleri peýdalanmakto use every possible meanstebigy baýlyklary peýdalanmakto use natural wealthelektrik energiýasyndan peýdalanmakto use electric energy
peýdalypeýda:lyadjuseful, helpful, advantageous; profitable, lucrativepeýdaly işuseful/profitable affair/businesspeýdaly maslahatuseful advicepeýdaly kärhanaprofitable enterprise
peýdasyzpeýda:syzadjuseless, vain; unprofitable, non-lucrativepeýdasyz bolmakto be uselesspeýdasyz işunprofitable business/affair
peýlemekvto lie in wait
peýnirpeýni:rncurds, cheesepeýnir etmekto make cheesepeýnir taýýarlanýan ýercheese dairy, creamerysheep, goats
peýwagtynaadjvoluntarily, of one's own accord, of one's own free willpeýwagtyna gelmekto come of one's own accord
peýzažnview, scenery, landscapeowadan peýzažbeautiful landscape
pähimnadvice, wisdom, wise sayings, thoughts
pähim-paýhascfpähimpähim-paýhas paýhasnwisdompähim-paýhas öwrenmekto learn sense, grow wise