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penşenbenThursdaypenşenbe günion Thursdayliterary
pentnadvice, admonition, exhortationpent etmekto admonish, exhortpent almakto follow/take advice
per1nfeather, downper ýassykfeather pillowper düşekçefeather bed
per2npropelleruçaryň peripropeller of an aircraft
perden1curtainsahnanyň perdesicurtain of a stageperdäni goýbermekto drop the curtainperdäni galdyrmakto raise the curtainpenjirä perde tutmakto close the curtainsperde açyldy.The curtain was opened.2actüç perdeli pýesaplay in three actstheatre3fretdutaryň perdesifret of a dutarbaşga perdeden gopmakto sing another tunestringed instrument4veilýüze perde örtmekto cover one's face with a veil, veil one's face5maskÝöne ahyrsoňy ýaňkynyň ýüzündäki perdesi sypyrylýar.But in the end the mask on his face slid off.6membrane, film, coatgulak perdesieardrumgyzlyk perdesihymenöýken perdesipleuraanatomy
perdeliadj1curtained, having a curtain, with a curtainperdeli penjirecurtained window, a window with curtains2in acts, having actsbäş perdeli dramadrama in five acts
perejintype of women's headscarfdial Teke Ahal
periperi:n1beauty, beautiful woman2fairy
perişanperi:şa:nadjsad, dejected, despondent; downcast, upset, disappointedperişan haldain low spirits, dejectedperişan bolmakto be sad, be despondent/dejected
perizatna beauty, a beautiful woman
permanperma:nndecree, order, edictpatyşanyň permany bilenby the king's decreeperman çykarmakto issue an order/edict/decree
perspektiwacfgeljeknprospects, outlookperspektiwadain prospect, in future
pertadvconfidentlypert jogap bermekto answer with confidence
perwanaperwa:nan1butterflyperwana dek pyrlanmakto hover as a butterflyliterary, daytime2mothliterary, nocturnalperwana bolmakcomp.a) to take care (of) b) put one's whole soul (into)
perwaýperwa:ýncare, trouble, attentionperwaý etmezliknot to pay attention
perwaýsyzperwa:ýsyzadvcarelessly; carelessly, light-heartedly; indifferently, with indifferenceperwaýsyz garamakto treat something indifferently/with indifference
perwaýsyzlykperwa:ýsyzlykncarelessness, light-heartedness; indifferenceperwaýsyzlyk bilen garamakto treat something with indifferenceperwaýsyzlyk etmekto show one's indifference (to)
perwazperwa:znlayer between logs in a houseperwaz urmakcomp.vto rush about; to move to and fro; buzz aroundguşlar asmanda perwaz urýarlarbirds travel in the sky
perýatperýa:tn1(loud) cry, wailperýat etmekto cry out, cry from the heart2complaint, pleaOl perizat perýadymy aňmazmy?Didn't he realise the beautiful woman's plea?
perzentnoffspring, child(ren)ýalňyz perzentan only child
pes1adjlowpes ýatagylow shed2adjbelow, downhill3adjlittle, low, pooredilen işe pes hak tölemekto pay a low salary for the work done4nlower, quieter; down, belowpesden beýigeup from belowpesedown, downwardssoundpes göwünlicomp.1humble, modest2humblepese düş collapse, declineýeriň pesi bilencomp.stealthily, in an underhand way, on the quiet/slyMen onuň ýeriň pesi bilen hereket edýänini bilmändirin.I didn't know that he was acting stealthily.ýeriň pesi bilen hereket act stealthilyMen onuň ýeriň pesi bilen hereket edýänini bilmändirin.I didn't know that he was acting stealthily.
peselmekcfpeseltmekv1to decrease, fall, be on their way downGök ekinleriň bahalary peselýär.The price of vegetables are decreasing.2to get worse, worsen, deteriorate, take a turn for a worseSyrkawyň haly peselýär.The patient's health is getting worse.3to calm down, dropŞemal peselýär.The wind is dropping.wind