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parlatmatv1to make shine2to burn brightly
parohodpara'hodcfgäminsteamerýolagçylar parohodypassenger ship, linerparohod gatnawysteamer serviceparohod bilen gitmekto go by ship
parryldamakv1to snore; to make a loud noise2to snort
parryldyn1snore; loud noise2snort, sniff
parsn1an Iranian2Persian, Farsipars diliFarsi; a Persian language
partlamakvto blow up, explode, popbomba partladythe bomb explodedköpabl partladythe ship blew up
parzn1obligatory religious order for Muslims2duty, responsibility; farz; duty, responsibilityBu işi etmek meniň üçin parzIt is my duty to do this work. I am obliged to do this work.... iýip-içiň, soňra agyz beklemek parzyňyzy ediň.... eat and drink and then fulfil your commands to fast.Öý eýesiniň berenini iýip-içmek myhmana üçin parzdyr.It is the responsibility of the owner of the house to provide food and drink for the guest.religious duty for Muslimsfig
pasha'pashan1Easterpasha günleridays surrounding Easterreligious, Christian2Passoverreligious, Jewish
pasport'pasportn1passportpasport stolypassport officeawtomobiliň pasportyvehicle licensepasport almakto get a passportpasportlary barlamakto check passportsperson2registration documentawtomobiliň pasportycar registration document
pasta'pastanpastediş arassalanýan pastatooth paste
pasylnseason, time (of the year)ýaz paslyspring, spring timeýyl pasyllaryseasons
pasyrdamakv1to flap, flap wingsguş pasyrdap uçdythe bird has flown flapping its wings2to stream, fly, flutterbaýdaklar pasyrdaýarbanners stream/flappasyrdaýan baýdaklarstreaming banners
paşpa:şadvexposurepaş etmekto expose, disclose, denounce, unmark, reveal, make publicpaş bolmakto be exposed, be denounced, be revealed, be discovered, be unmarked, come to lightonuň syry paş boldyhis secret was revealed/exposeddildüwşik paş boldya plot was discovered/revealed
paşmak1nshoe, boottäze paşmaknew shoe
paşmak2vto be luckyonuňky paşdyhe was luckymeniňki paşmadyI have no luck
patapa:ta:n1blessingpata bermekto bless, give one's blessing (to)Şondan soň Görögly Aşyk Aýdyň pirden pata almaga barýar.Then Goeroelgi Ashik Aydyn went to receive blessings from the pir.pata almakto be blessed byak patablessingak pata bermekto bless, pronounce a blessing overusually from a Muslim saint, spiritual craftsman or master craftsman2wake, funeral banquetpata gitmekto go to a wakerespect paid on the 3rd, 7th, 40th day after the death and after a yearreligious
patlatmakvto bang, hit, strike, knock, give a knockstoly ýumrugyň bilen patladyp urmakto bang one's fist on the table, pound the table
paty-putynbelongings, goods and chattels, (one's) thingspaty-putyňy ýygnaşdyrmakto get one's things together, pack upähli paty-putyň bilenwith one's bag and baggage
patyşapa:tyşa:cfşanking, shahpatyşa aýalqueen; king's wifepatyşa gyzprincess; king's daughter
patyşalykpa:tyşa:lyknkingdom, reign, realmpatyşalyk etmekto reign; to rule
paýpa:ýn1share, portionYnha bu seniň paýyň.Here is your share.2part1980-nji ýyldan soňra Jeza Kanununuň 163-njy maddasyndan Iýegowa Şaýatlary hem paýyny alar.According to Law on punishments no. 163 , the Jehovah's Witnesses will also still take part from 1980 onwards.
paýhasn1sense, wisdompaýhas bilensensiblyMyrat Nepes aganyň alçaklygyny, paýhas bilen berýän maslahatlaryny halasa-da...Your brother Myrad Nepes' social skills, saved by sensibly accepting this advice of...paýhas bilen gürlemekto speak sensiblypaýhas bilenreasonably2intellect, mind...gezeginde adamyň paýhas güýjünden üstün gelen tehnika güýji ylmy hikmeti doly basdy....technical strength, which in turn overcame human intellectual power, strongly suppressed philosophy.