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panuspa:nusnlantern, lamp
panypa:nyadjmortalpany dünýämortal world
papakncappapagyň gaşycap peakpapak geýmekto put on a cappapagyňy çykarmakto put off a capBeýleki çopanlaryň tiken papak, şlýapa, kepka, silindr.....The great shepherd's thorn cap, sun hat, cap, ? ...
para2pa:ranbribepara bermekto give a bribepara almakto take a bribe
para3pa:ranpiece, part (of)aýyň parasy ýaly gyzcomp.a girl as beautiful as a rose
parabolikadjparabolicparabolik antenasatellite dishmathematics
parahatpara:hatadj1peaceful (absence of war)parahat söýüji ýurtlarpeaceful countriesparahat ýaşamakto live in peace2calm, peacefulSuw parahat akýar.The water flows calmly.3quietparahat adamquiet person
parahatçylykpara:hatçylykn1peace (absence of war)parahatçylygyň tarapdarlarycampaigner for peace2calm, peaceparahatçylyk söýüjilikpeaceable disposition3quiet, peace
parahatlykpara:hatlykn1peace (absence of war)2calm, peace3quiet, peacefulDaş-töwerek parahatlyk.It is quiet all around.
parahorpa:raho:rnbribe-taker, extortioner
parahorlykpa:raho:rlyknbribery, corruption
paralamakpa:ralamakvto tear to piecesMolla gylçynyň baldyryny paralady we mandala balagyny ýyrtdy.The Mullah hacked the calf leg up with his sword and tore the trouser fabric.bagryňy paralap aý tell something with all one's heart
parasatparasa:tnwisdom; wise, intelligent, judicious, sensible, prudentparasat adamwise man
parasatlyparasa:tlyadjwise, intelligent, judicious, sensible, prudentparasatly bolmakto be wise/prudent
parça1nmaterial, fabric, clothýüpek parçasilk cloth
parça2n1piecekagyz parçasypiece of paper2extractromandan bir parçaextract from a novel
parçalamakvto shred, tear to piecesMöjekler goýny parçalapdyr.The wolves tore the sheep to pieces.matany parçalamakto shred a clothýürek parç cut to the quickOnuň aýdan sözleri meniň ýüregimi parçalady.His words cut me to the quick.
parçalanmakvto be shredded, be torn to pieces
parhndifferenceparhy ýok.It makes no difference.Maňa parhy ýok.I don't mind (either way).Onuň parhyna däl.It makes no difference to him.parhy näme?What is the difference?
park1cfseýil bag, seýilgähnparkşäher parkycity parkparkda gezmekto walk in the park
park2nbangpark etmekto bang
park3n1car parkmaşyn parkycar park2depottramwaý parkytram depotaftoparkbus depotpublic transport
parlamakvto shineParlap ýanyp duran çyra göründi.A lamp shining its light appeared.