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pyntyknbud, leaf-bud
pyrlamakvto spin, turntigri pyrlamakto spin the wheel
pyrlanmakvto rotate, revolve, turnÝer öz okunyň daşyndan pyrlanýar.The Earth turns on its axis.
pyssy-pyjurlyknvile act
pyştngenerationýedi pyşdyna çenli bilmekto know one's ancestors up to the seventh generationcolloq
pyşyrdamakvto whisperpyşyrdap geplemekto speak in whispers
pyşyrdynwhisper, whispering
pytramakv1to crumble, break or fall into crumbs or fragmentsdaş maýda bölekleri pytradythe stone has fallen into crumbs2to disperse; to dissipate; to clear awayduman pytradythe mist/fog has cleared/liftedmäreke pytadythe crowd has dispersed
pyýadapyýa:dan1pedestrianpyýada ýolyfootpathpyýada ýöremekto walk2foot passenger (on a boat)3infantrypyýada goşuninfantrymilitary4mandaýaw pyýadastrong man5pawnpyýadany göçmekto move a pawn
pýancfserhoşadjdrunk, tipsypýan bolmakto be drunk/tipsypýan adamdrunk man