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pudakpu:dakn1branchagajyň pudaklarybranches of a tree2field, sphere, branchylym pudagysphere/department/field of knowledgehalk hojalygynyň pudaklarybranches of the national economy
pudaklamakpu:daklamakcfpudavto branch out, ramifyagaç pudaklapdyra tree has formed branches
pugtaadj1durable, hard, solid, firm, strongpugta matahard-wearing fabricpugta ýüphard rope2serious, thorough, careful; seriously, thoroughly, carefullypugta taýýarlyk görmekto prepare thoroughlyişine pugta adama thorough workerOl agzyna pugta, ýeke söz hem aýtmaz.He's careful in what he says, he won't say a word.
pugtalandyrmakcfpugtalanmakvto strengthen, make strongparahatçylygy pugtalandyrmakto consolidate the peace
pugtalanmakcfpugtalandyrmakv1to be strengthened, be/become consolidated, gain strength2to be fixed, be firmly established
pukarapukara:adjpoor, needypukara adampoor man
puln1money2cashnagt pulcash, ready money3coinbir kümüş pulone silver coin
pullyadj1requiring paymentpully okuwstudies requiring paymentpully işpaid work2with money, having moneypully adamrich manpully gapjyka wallet/purse with money
pulsuzadj1free (of charge), gratuitouspulsuz okuwfree education2having no money, without money, impecuniouspulsuz adampoor man
punktnpoint, station, postahyrky punktterminal, terminusilatly punktsettlement, populated areadaýanç punktystrong pointgözegçilik punktyobservation postgepleşik punktypublic (telephone) call-boxes, trunk-call officepunktlar boýunça okamakto read paragraph by paragraph
pursatn1moment, time, season, periodtiz pursatdaimmediatelypursat tapmakto find timepursatdan peýdalanmakto seize the momentamatly pursatthe right time2season, periodagyr pursatdifficult period
puşmanpuşma:nadjregret, repentance, remorse; to make somebody regret/repentpuşman etmekto regret, deplore, repent, be/feel sorry (about)puşman etdirmekol bu barada öň pikirlenmändigine puşman edýärhe wishes he had thought of it before
puştngenerations (of ancestors)ýedi puşduna çenli bilmekto know one's ancestors up to the seventh generationarch
pürepüradjoverflowing, fullkäsäni pürepür doldurmakto fill a cup until overflowing
pürkmekvto spray, sprinkle, spatter, splashsuw pürkmekto splash waterajyňy pü shout at somebody
pürkülmekvto be sprayed, be sprinkled, be spattered, be splashedgül pürkülen ýalycomp.cleangül pürkülen ýaly clean
pürsnlog, beam, timber
pyçaknknifekütek pyçakblunt knifeýiti pyçaksharp knifeKim çöregi pyçak bilen kesse, Allatagala onuň rysgyny kesermiş.Whoever cuts his bread with a knife, God will cut off his fate.
pygamberlikpy:gamberliknthe profession or position of a prophet
pygylnintention, purpose, plan
pylanpyla:nadjsuchpylan adamsuch a person (indefinite)pylan wagtdasuch-and-such a time, at that time
pylançapyla:nçaadja certain number of... , several, somepylança günseveral dayspylança adam gelseif a certain number of people come...
pynhanpynha:nadjsecret, covert; secretlypynhan duşuşyksecret meetingpynhan syrsecret