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nutukçycfdokladçynreporterNutukçylar häzirki zaman temalardan ýazýarlar.Reporters write [articles] using up-to-date themes.
nygmatnfood, dish, mealsüýji nygmatlarsweetsGoý, hemişe saçagyňyz nygmatdan doly bolsun!Let your table be filled always with different sweets.cooked
nygtalmakvto be underlined, be emphasised, be marked, be stressedBilim syýasatynda ýaşlara döwrebap bilim bermek nygtalýar.To give modern knowledge to youth is emphasized in education system.
nygtamakvto emphasise, emphasize, stress, markaýratyn nygtamakto particularly emphasizenygtap geçmekto emphasize
nyrhncost, price, valuearzan nyrhdancheap pricenyrh kesmekto price, to set a price on
nyşannyşa:nn1sign; indicationskeseliň nyşanysymptomnyşan bolun hyzmat etmekto be a sign (of)baharyň nyşanysign of spring2mark, tokennyşan goýmakto mark, make a mark3award; rewardnyşan bermekaward, give an award; to give a reward (to)4badge5trace, track; sign; award, reward; sign, indication; sign, symbol, mark; badge; trace, track, signOl hiç hili nyşan galdyrmady.He left no trace.Onuň ädim ädişinden we beýleki nyşanlaryndan çen tutup...His step from steps and great note thought hold ...nyşan bermekaward, give an award; to give a reward (to)keseliň nyşanysymptom (of an illness)nyşan bolun hyzmat etmekto be a sign (of)baharyň nyşanysign of springnyşan goýmakto mark, make a markTürkmenistanyň özygtyýarly döwlet hökmündäki nyşanlary - onuň döwlet baýdagy, gerbi, gimni.Turkmenistan's symbols as a sovereign state are its state flag, its seal and its anthem.döwlet nyşanlary -- döwlet baýdagy, gerbi hem gimni.State symbols are state flag, emblem and its anthem.keseliň ilkinji nyşanythe first sign of deseasegarrylyk nyşanythe sign of oldness
nyşananyşa:nan1targetnyşanadan urmakto shoot/hit at targetnyşana almakto aim at a target2appearance, lookOnuň nyşanasy üýtgäpdir.His appearance has changed.
nyşanalamaknyşa:nalamakvto take aim (at)Ol ýylanyň kellesinden nyşanalady.He took aim at the head of snake.
nyzamnyza:mn1a system, order, line, rownyzama durmakto stand in a lineBaglar nyzam bilen ekilipdir.Trees sowed in rows [in an orchard].2linenyzama durmakto stand in linenyzam bilen ýöremekto marchmilitary