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möwjemekvto strengthen, become stronger or heavier; to rage, storm, be violentdeňiz möwjeýärthe storm is ragingTolkunlar möwjeýär.The waves are raging.
möwritmöwri:tnmoment, time, periodonyň möwriti gutardyhis time has expiredBu modanyň möwriti geçdi.The period of this fashion has passed.
möwsümnseason, periodekiş möwsümisowing season/periodol öz möwsümini geçirdihis time/turn is up/overgyş möwsümiwinter seasonýaz möwsümispring, spring season
möwsümleýinadjseasonalmöwsümleýin işseasonal work
möýmö:ýnspiderMen möýden gorkýan.I am afraid of spiders.
mufr. var. ofbu
mugallymcfpedagognteachermugallym bolup işlemekto work as a teacher
mugallymçylykadjteachers', pedagogicalmugallymçylyk instututypedagogical institutemugallymçylyk käriprofession of teacher
mugjyzanwonderDiňe keramatly adamlar mugjyza görkezip bilýär.Only sacred people can show wonder.
mugtadjfree, gratis; free of chargemugt bermekto give something free of chargemugt almakto get free
mugthormugtho:rnparasite, sponger, scroungerMugthorlary hiç kim halamaýar.Nobody likes spongers.
muhabbetn1loveOnuň ýüzünden mähir-muhabbet ýagyp dur.His face is filled of full love.2MuhabbetMuhabbet edil ady ýaly mähirli gyz.Muhabbet is as kind as her name.female name
mukaddesadj1holy, sacredmukaddes borçsacred dutyMukaddes KitapHoly BibleMukaddes ýerHoly place2sacredmukaddes borçsacred duty
mukaddesliknholiness, sacredness; sanctityWatanyň garaşsyzlygyny goramak mukaddeslik hasaplanýar.It is considered holiness to protect Independence of country.
mukammuka:mn1mukamGökdepe galasy bilen baglanyşykly iki mukam döredilipdir.Two mukams were written, related to Geokdepe fort.halk mukamya folk mukammukam çalmakto play a mukama genre of music-based epic consisting of many parts common in Central Asia including Azerbaijan2music, melodyşadyýan mukama joyful melody
mukdar1quantityköp mukdardain great quantityönümiň mukdaryquantity of productionmukdar we hilquantity and quality2cardinalMukdar sanlar näçe diýen soraga jogap bolýarlar.Cardinal numbers answer the question, "How much?"
mumiýamummyMüsür halky adamy jaýlanda mumiýa ulanýarlar.Egyptians use mummy for to bury dead person.Egyptian
munçaadjso much; so manyMunça gürrüň nämä gerek?What's the point in talking like this?Munça puly biz nädip sowarys?How shall we spend this big amount money?munça bolanyna göräcomp.if that's soMunça bolanyna görä, indi biz muzeýe hem aýlanaly.If that's so, let's go to the museum.
mundanPronounfrom thismundan beýlekfrom now on, from this point forward
murdarmurda:rnnasty, disgusting; defiledmurdar etmekto defilemurdar bolmakto be defiledmurdar zatsomething nasty
murtn1moustache, mustachegür murtthick moustachemurtjagazsmall moustachegara murtblack moustacheperson2whiskeranimals3antenna, feelerinsect4tendrilgarpyzyň murtytendril of water-melonüzümiň murtytendril of grapesbotanicalmurty syh-syh be quick-temperedOnuň gahardan ýaňa murty syh-syh boldy.From anger he was quick-tempered.
murtlyadj1moustached, with a moustachemurtly adama moustached man, a man with a moustacheperson2whiskeredanimals
musapyrmusa:pyradj1poor, unfortunateOl ýönekeý musapyr bende.He is simple stranger.finances2stranger, outsiderOl bu ýurtda musapyr bolup ýaşaýar.He lives as stranger in this country.
musaýymu:sa:ýyadjJewishmusaýy milletiJewish nationmusaýy medeniýetiJewish culture
musulmanmusulma:n1nMuslim, Moslem2adjIslamicMusulmanlaryň öz däp-dessurlary bar.Muslims have their own traditions.