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jarnamajarna:manaddress, appeal, callmülk barada jarnamaan appeal concerning inheritance
jaý1ja:ýn1building, house, structure, blockjaý gurmakto build a houseKakamyň jaýy örän giň.My father's house is spacious.2place, facility, institution, establishment3grave, final resting place4apartment, flatokuw jaýycomp.educational establishmentAşgabatda ähli sapaklary iňlis dilinde okadylýan täze okuw jaýy guruldy.A new educational establishment was built in Ashgabat in which all lessons are taught in English.
jaý2ja:ý1adjcorrect, right, appropriate, in orderjaý jogapcorrect answerBu sorag jaýyna düşdi.This question is appropriate.jaýly atmakto shoot accuratelygöwnejaý bolmakto be comfortable, be just rightjaý bolmakto be comfortable2n
jaýdarja:ýda:radjreliable, trustworthy, right, correctjaýdar ýerlerden alnan maglumatlarinformation received from reliable sourcesAta-babalarymyzyň jaýdar aýdyşy ýaly, duşmandan hiç wagt dost bolmaz.As our ancestors rightly said, an enemy will never be a friend.
jaýlamakja:ýlamakcfjaýlaşmakv1to put in place, establishMen harytlarymy şäherde jaýladym.I deposited my goods in the city.2to bury, interOlaryň adam jaýlamak däbi biziňkiden tapawutlanýar.Their burial tradition is different from ours.
jaýlaşmakja:ýlaşmakja:ýlaşmakcfjaýlamakv1to sit, settle, make oneself comfortable, settle inOl diwanyň üstünde jaýlaşyp oturdy.He made himself comfortable on the sofa.2to make fit
jebirn1oppression, persecution, yoke (of slavery or oppression)jebir çekmekto be oppressedjebir bermekto oppressjebir etmekto oppress, to torture, make somebody suffer2suffering, affliction, pain, tormentjebir bermekto make somebody sufferjebir çekmekto sufferagyrydan jebir çekmekto be racked with painjebir çekenmartyrjebir-jepacomp.1npain and sufferingMen ýaşlygymda ähli jebir-jepalary çekmeli boldum.I experienced all sorts of pain and suffering in my youth.jebir-jepaly durmuşa life of suffering2adjagonizing, hardjebir-sütemcomp.n-
jebisadvin earnest, strongly, closely, in close relationshipsgapyny jebis ýapmakto close a door tightly, board up a doorBiziň halkymyz jebis ýaşaýar.Our people live in close relationships.
jebisleşmekvto unite, bring together, join two things tightly together , to fix something firmlyHalk gün-günden berk jebisleşýär.People draw closer together day by day.
jedeln1quarrel, dispute, argumentJedelleşmäň!Don't quarrel!2betjedel etmekto bet
jedelleşmekv1to argue, quarrel, disputeBiz düýn ýygnakda köp jedelleşip oturdyk.Yesterday at the meeting we sat quarrelling for ages.2to make a bet (on)
jedelliadjcontroversial, questionable, debatable, disputedjedelli meselemoot point, vexed question
jedelsizadjindisputable, unquestionable, incontrovertible, without questionBiziň toparymyz olary jedelsiz utýar.Our group beat them indisputably.
jelegaýnland, area, place, localitySen bu jelegaýda näme işleýärsiň?What are you doing here?
jelepçiliknprostituteDaşary ýurtlarda jelepçilik artýar.Prostitution is on the increase in foreign countries.
jellatjella:t1nhangman, executioner2adjruthless, pitiless, relentlessjellatdyr gara gözleriň.There is no mercy in your black eyes.3nbutcher (term of contempt)
jemn1sum, totaljemini çykarmakto sum upiki goşulyjynyň jemithe sum of two parts2all, wholejemi önümgross productjem bolmakto gather3mathematics
jemagatjema:gatnthe public; communityjemagatyň öňündein publicJemagat ony sylaýar.The public respects him.
jemgyýetnsociety, organization, communityZenanlar jemgyýeti uly işler bitirýär.Women do important work for society.
jemgyýetçiliknpublic, society, community, associationjemgyýetçilik pikiripublic opinionjemgyýetçilik eýeçiligipublic property, public ownershipjemgyýetçilik işicommunity work, social work
jemiadjin all, a total of, amount of, number of, total numberpuluň jemiamount of moneyBiz jemi bäş adamdyk.There were five of us altogether.
jemlemekcfkomplektv1to gather; concentrate, focusünsi bir zada jemlemekto focus one's attention (on, upon)2to sum up, summarise, condensenetijeleri jemlemekto summarise the conclusions3to add (up)mathematics4to conclude, finish, wind upOl ahyry sözüni jemledi.At last he came to the conclusion of his speech.
jemlenmekv1to be gathered, be concentrated, be collected, be focused2to be summarised, be summed up3to be added up, be totalledmathematics4to be concluded
jenapjena:pn1mister (respectful title for a man)2Excellencysiziň aly jenabyňyz!Your Excellency!3gentleman, manjenaplar we hanymlarladies and gentlemen