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jabjynmakvto snarl (at), bark, yelpGüjük jabjyndy.The puppy yelped.jabjynyp jogap bermekto answer with a bark
jadyja:dynchanting, witchcraft, sorceryjadylamakto conjure, practise witchcraft/sorcery, bewitch, enchant, put a spell onOl bir bakyşda meni jadylady.She bewitched me with one look.
jadygöyja:dygö:y1adjbewitching, spellbindingjadygöy nazara bewitching lookMeniň jigim jadygöýli kinodan gorkýar.My little brother is frightened of films about witchcraft.2sorcerer, wizard
jahannworld, universejahan urşyworld warjahana inmekto be born, enter the worldjahan ýagtylýardawnjümle-jahancomp.nworld, the universeBu täze aýdym tutuş jümle-jahana ýaň saldy.This new song was sounded throughout the whole world.
jahankeşde1ntraveller, touristMagtymguly jahankeşde adam bolupdyr.Magtymguly was a traveller.
jahankeşdelikn1tourism2travelling, touringjahankeşdelik etmekto travel
jahylja:hy:l1nyoung man, youth, without knowledge or experiencejahyl çykmakto reach manhood, or, to become a young manMeniň oglum jahyl çykyp, öýlendiribermeli.My son reached manhood and is of a marriageable age.2wild, prone to vices (of young men)
jahyllykja:hy:llykn1youth, time when one is youngOnuň jahyllyk ýyllary örän agyr geçdi.He had many difficulties in his youth.2wildness, being prone to vices (of young men)
jalbarn1trousersDaýym maňa jalbar satyn aldy.My uncle bought me some trousers.Brit2pants, slacksAmer
jamja:mncup, goblet, bowlbir jam süýta bowl of milk
janja:n1nsoul, spirit, heart2nperson, soul, human being, headjan başynaper head, per capita3adjdear, belovedjanym meniň!My dear!jan dost!Dear friend!for a cause4lifejanyňy gurban etmekto sacrifice oneself, lay down one's lifejan bermekto die, give up one's lifejan etmekcomp.vto do one's best, do one's utmostBu gyz bäsleşikde ýeňmek üçin jan edýär.This girl does her utmost to win the competition.jana-jancomp.ja:na-ja:ncfjanköýer1adjfaithful, loyal, reliable, devoted, staunch, trustworthyjana-jan dostfaithful/loyal friend2ownOl meniň jan ýaly doganym.He is my own brother.3vital, crucialjanyňy ýakmakcomp.v1to waste emotional energy (on), make someone angryMeniň gyzym aýdanymy etmän janymy ýakýar.My daughter makes me angry by not doing what I told her to do.2to concern oneself with, worry about
jan-tenja:n-tennheart and soul, body and souljan-teni bilenwith all one's heartBiz her bir işe jan-tenden ýapyşýarys.We put our heart and soul into all our work.
janawar1adjpoor thing (of animal), poor soulAt janawar suwsap gidipdir.The poor horse was so thirsty.2nanimal, beast
jandarja:nda:rnliving being, creature, animaljanly-jandarlarliving beingsÖýde jandar ýokdy.There was not a living soul in the house.
janhowulja:nhowulnagony, suffering, death pangsOl janhowluna näme edýänini bilenokdy.In his agony he does not know what is he doing.
janköýerja:nköýercfjana-jancomp. ofjan1adjfaithful, devoted, loyal, trustworthy2nfanfutbol janköýerifootball fanGeçen saparky duşuşykda futbol janköýerleri uruşdylar.In the previous football match there was fighting between the fans.
janlanmakja:nlanmakvto become animated, come alive, rejuvenate oneself, revive oneselfTebigat janlandy.Nature has come alive.
janlyja:nly1adjactive, alive, living, animatejanly ýöremekto walk quickly2ngrazing animals, sheep, sheep and goatsjanly soýmakto kill a lamb, a sheep or a being, creatureÝaz paslynda janly-jandarlar köpelýärler.In spring living beings multiply.
janpenaja:npenanbodyguardOnuň kakasy Prezidentiň janpenasy bolup işleýär.Her father works as a bodyguard to the President.
jansyzja:nsyz1adjdead, lifeless, inanimate, inorganicjansyz tebigatinanimatejansyz göwredead body, corpse2adjlethargically, slowly, limply, inertlyjansyz işlemekto work lethargically3na spyBiziň ýurdumyzda jansyzlar köp diýýärler.They say there are many spies in our country.
jaňn1bellgapynyň jaňydoorbelljaň kakyldyThe bell rang.2call, ringjaň etmekto telephone, ring, calltelefonyň jaňyringing of a telephoneeňegine jaň kakylan ýaly talk without ceasing
jaňlaşmakvto ring up, talk on the phoneJaňlaşarys!We'll speak on the phone!
jar1nnews, report, message, announcementjar çekmek/etmekto announce, cry out
jar2n1gully, ravinejardan geçmekto cross a ravineÇölde uly jar emele gelipdir. A large ravine appeared in the desert.
jarçynmessenger, town crier, heraldJarçy Atabaýyň toýuny dumly-duşa jar etdi.The herald announced Atabay's wedding everywhere.