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ilerlemekvto further, advance
ilişmekvto be caught
ilkiadvfirstilki bilenat first, firstly
ilkinjiadjfirst, at firstIlkinji nobatda sogany gowurýarys, soňra käşir salýarys.First of all we fry an onion, then add carrots.Ilkinji kömek bermegi hemmeler başarmaly.Everyone should be able to give first-aid.
imani:ma:nn1faith, beliefiman etmekto believe2last ritesiman bermekto give absolution
imanlyi:ma:nlyadjhonestimanly adamhonest person
imansyzi:ma:nsyzadj1irreligious; anti-religiousimansyz adamatheist2shameless; scandalousTürkmen halky imansyz adamy halamaýar.The Turkmen nation do not like a shameless person.colloq
import'importnimportimport etmekto import
inçei:nçeadj1thin, delicate, fineinçe sapakfine/thin threadinçe süýümli pagtafine-fibre cottoninçe içegelersmall intestine2high-pitched, thininçe seshigh-pitched voice3difficult, hard; intricate, delicateinçe işdifficult/intricate work4narrowinçe çekimlilerglides (in contrast to pure vowels)grammar
inçeliki:nçeliknthinness, fineness, delicacy, slenderness, slimnesssimiň inçeligithinness of a wirebiliň inçeligislenderness of a waistnagşyň inçeligidelicacy of a pattern
indeksnindexbahalaryň indeksiprice index
indermekv1to bring downHudaý näme üçin olaryň başyndan bela-beter inderdikä?Why did God throw a plague down on their head, one wonders?2to hurl down, putÄhli aýyplamalary onuň üstünden inderdiler.They put all the blame on him.
indiadj1now, no longerOl indeks çaga däl.He is no longer a child.Ol indi uly adam.He is grown-up now.2in the future, from this time onwards, henceforthindi beýle etme!Don't act like this in future!
indikiadjnextindiki hepdenext weekindiki ýylnext year
indirmekvto download (from the internet)
ineinterj1here you are2there it is
inedördüli:nedö:rdülcfkwadrat1na square2adjsquareinedördül otaga square room
inelgei:nelgenslopekert inelgesteep slope
inernmale camel
informasiýainfor'masiýacfhabarninformationinformasiýa bermekto inform, to give informationinformasiýa almakto be informed, to get information
iniini:cfjigin1younger brotherMeniň inim mugallym.My younger brother is a teacher.used only by males2younger male relatives (via father)3young man (term of address)
Injilnthe gospel, the good news about Jesus (Isa pygamber); the New Testamentreligious
injirnfiginjir agajyfig-tree