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heý2interjhey; oh
heýgeneknfried eggs
heýkel1nstatue, sculpture, representation, likenessmermerden edilen heýkelmarble statue
heýkel2nleather case for prayer book
hezil1npleasure, enjoyment, delighthezil etmekto take pleasure (in), enjoy, delight (in)2adjinteresting, fun, enjoyable
hezillikngaiety; cheerfulness, pleasure, enjoyment, fun
hezretna title of honour and respect for important people
hezzetn1respect, honourhezzet etmekto do honour (to)2hospitalityhezzet etmekto offer hospitality, be hospitable (to)
hezzet-hormatadvwarmly, with warmthhezzet-hormat bilen garşylamakto welcome someone warmly and serve them well
hezzetlemekvto do honour (to), offer hospitality, to show respect, to make a feastmyhmany hezzetlemekto show hospitality to a guest
hezzetliadjrespectable, honourable
1interjfine, yes, true, all right, I see2-well, so
häkimnmayor, governor, ruler (of specific town or area)
häkimiýetnauthority, power, rule
häkimlikn1dominion, rulehäkimlik etmekto dominate, have dominion (over)2mayor's office, administration, government
häli1advrecently2advfor the time being, for now, for the present3-if
hälkiadjthat, what has been, aforementioned, that sameHälki gürrüňiň soňy nähili boldy?How did the aforementioned discussion finish?
häsiýetcfgylykncharacter, nature, nature, trait, personalityýaman häsiýetbad charactergylyk-häsiýetcomp.1characterhäsiýeti gowy adamgood man, a man of good behaviour2gylyki gowy adamgood man, a man of good behaviourhüý-häsiýetcomp.ncharacter
häsiýetliadj1having a certain character/nature, intrinsicmylaýym häsiýetli adamwarm-hearted person2characteristic
häzir1advnow, presently, at the moment, currently, at onceHäzir!Just a minute!2adjready, prepared3conjunctionwhilehäzir bolmakcomp.1vto be careful, take care2adjto be ready, be cooked, be prepared3vto appear, show up
häzirkiadjpresent, modern-day, currentgrammar
häzirki zaman1adjmodern, up-to-date2npresent tense
häzirlemekvto prepare, make ready