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hemişekihemi:şekiadjusual, customary, ordinary, regularhemişeki tertipdein the usual order
hemişelikhemi:şelikadvfor good, permanentlyhemişelik ýaşaýan ýeripermanent place of residence
hemlenthreat, menacehemle urmakto threaten
hemmeadjall, everyhemme zateverythinghemmämizall of ushemmesiall of themhemme ýerdeeverywhere
hemmetaraplaýynadjcomprehensive, thorough, multi-faceted
hemrahemra:n1satelliteýeriň emeli hemrasyartificial earth satellite2companion, fellow-travellerEziz Watanymyza, her bir öýe we biziň ajaýyp ýurdumyzyň her bir raýatyna parahatçylyk we agzybirlik, abadançylyk we rowaçlyk hemra bolsun!May peace and unity, prosperity and success, may they be with our dear country, each home and our wonderful country, and each citizen!
henizheni:z1advstill, yetHeniz jaň kakylmandygyna garamazdan, mugallym auditoriýa girdi.The teacher entered the classroom, though the bell still hadn't rung.Ol heniz gelenokmy?Hasn't he come yet?heniza çenlistill today2conjunctionstill
heň1nmould, mildew
heň2nmelody, tunebir heň gaçyrmakto play a melody
heňkirmekv1to shout (at), to (verbally) abuse, to scold2shout, cry, roar
hepdenweekbir hepde mundan öňa week ago
hepdelikadjweekly, week, a week's durationhepdelik gazýetweekly newspaper
heradjevery, eachher bireveryher hilievery kind, all sorts, various, differenther kes, her kişieveryoneher kimanybody
hereketn1action, motion, movement; effectherekete getirmekto set in motionhereket etmekto move, to act, to carry out an action, be an effect (on)2trafficbir taraplaýyn hereketone-way trafficköçe hereketiniň düzgünleritraffic regulations
hereketlendirijicfdwigatel1adjmoving, actinghereketlendiriji güýçlerdriving force2nmotor, engine
hereketlendirmekvto move, to set in motion, to put into operationeliňi hereketlendirmekto move one's hands
hereketsizadjmotionless, immobile, immovable, inactive, rigid
hergizhergi:zadjnever, in no way
hersiadjeach, everyhersi bir ýerdenfrom everywhere
hesipnsettlinghak-hesipcomp.n1settling (with), settlementhesip geçirmekto settle (with)2settling (with)
hesretnsorrow, grief, woeöz hesreti bilento one's sorrowhesret çekmekto grieve (for)
hesretliadjsorrowful, sad, grievous, mournful
heşelleadv-heşelle kakmakcomp.vto rejoice at/gloat over other's misfortunes, be glad
hetn1limit, border, boundary, endhetden aşmakto overstep the limits (of), exceed the bounds (of)hetdiňi bilmekto know when to stop, to know the limit (of)2courage, boldness, audacity, daringOl het edip bilmez.He won't have the courage; he won't dare.
heý1-really, indeed, Is it possible?heý sen biziň bu ýerdedigimizi bilmediňmi?Did you really not know that we were here?