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hasyr-husuradvquickly, hurriedly, in hastegapyny hasyr-husur ýapmakto close the door quickly
haşalnweedhaşal otweed, weedshaşalotlary otamakto weed
haşamlyadjdecorated, ornamented, beautiful
haşlamakvto puff, pant, gasp for breath
hatn1letterzakazly hatyregistered letterhat ýazmakto write a letter2handwritinghaty tanamakto recognise someone's handwriting3reading and writing, ability to read and writehat tanamakto be literate4note, letter, memo, slipdüşündiriş hatyexplanatory note5official document, certificate, deedhormat hatyletter of appreciationtalak hatycertificate of divorcecolloqdil hatycomp.1a letter requesting somethingJogap almak üçin mekdep direktoryna dil hatyny ýazdym.In order to get a reply I wrote a letter of request to the school principal.2ncertificate3store receipt, written receipthat-pet gatnadýancomp.npostman
hatahata:nmistake, error, blunder; transgressionhat işsinful act
hatar1ndanger, peril, risk
hatar2nrow, line, rank, filebirinji hatarfront rowhatarma hatarrow upon rowhatara durmakline upadam hataryna goş consider somebody to be a good manhatardan çykmakcomp.vto be out of order, go out of use, become obsolete, fall into disuse
hatarlyadjdangerous, risky, periloushatarly işrisky businesshatarly ýerdangerous placehatarly oýunrisky game, gamble
hatdaadveven, even so, even then, anyway, although
hatyraha:ty:ran1respect, esteem, honour, tributehatyrasyny saklamakrespect, honourHatyra güniRemembrance dayadamyň hatyrasynain someone's honour
hatyrjemha:ty:rjemadjrelaxed, sure, certain, confidenthatyrjem bolmakto rest assured, be sure, be certain
hawainterjyesSen ertir gelermiň? -hawaWill you come tomorrow? -Yes, I will.
hawlamakvto bark (of dogs)
haýahaýa:nshamehaýa etmekto be ashamed (of)
haýal1advslowlyhaýal ýöremekto walk slowlyhaýal etmekto do something slowly2adjslow
haýalrakadvmore slowly, slowerhaýalrak aýtto speak more slowly
haýasyzhaýa:syzadjshameless, impudent, insolent, impertinenthaýasyz adamimpudent fellow
haýatha:ýatn1yardhaýatyň içindein the yard2wall3fenceoutside only
haýbatnthreat, menacehaýbat atmakto threaten, menace, frightenbiriniň haýbatyndan gorkmakto be afraid of one's threat/menaceBu haýbatmy?Is that a threat?
haýbatlyadj1menacing, threateninghaýbatly garaýyşmenacing/threatening look2bold, audacious, courageous, daring
haýdamakvrush, race, hurryhaýdap işlemekto work quickly and vigorously
haýpinterjpity, shame, unfortunateHaýp, sen düýn gelmediň.It is a pity you didn't come yesterday.haýpyň gelmekcomp.vto be sorry (for), feel sorry (for); to take pity on