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harpnletter (of the alphabet), scriptbaş harpfirst/initial lettersetir harpylower case letteruly harpcapital letterharp tanamakto be able to read, be literate
harplyknprimer, alphabet book, ABC book
harpyknchaff, huskspagta çigidiniň harpygyhusks of cotton seeds
harsalha:rsaladjrough, coarse, inaccurate, crude, dirtyharsal ýazmakto write inaccurately
harsallykha:rsallyknroughness, untidiness, inaccuracyharsallyk bilenroughly, inaccurately
harythary:tcfätiýaçlykçykalgapredmetrezerwsapak, dersişaýlarzapaszatnmerchandise, goods, commoditykömekçi harytharyt ätiýaç harytstockharyt çalşygybarterazyk harytlaryfood productsMagazine harytuçin gidýäler.They obtain their goods from the shop.
hasha:sadv1too, over-much, very, quite, extremelyhas bişen gawunover-ripe melonhas gowybesthas owadanvery beautiful2peculiar, specific, characteristic
hasa2hasa:nstaff, stick
hasaba almakcfregistrasiýavto take into account, register, take note of
hasabathasa:batnaccount, reporthasabat bermekto report, give an accountýyllyk hasabatannual report
hasaphasa:pn1counting, calculation, reckoning, inventoryhasap ýöretmekto keep count (of)hasaby ýitirmekto lose count (of)hasap etmekto count, reckon2registration, registerhasaba almakto register3report, accounthasap bermekgive an account (of), report (on)4arithmetic, mathematics5(sport) score6abacus (counting machine)hasap-hesipcomp.ncalculation, counting
hasapçyhasa:pçycfbuhgalternaccountant, accounts clerk, ledger clerk
hasapçylykhasa:pçylykn1accounting2profession/work of an accountant
hasaplamakhasa:plamakv1to count, calculate2to calculate, measure3to consider, reckon, evaluategelşiksiz hasaplamakto consider something awkward
hasaplanmakhasa:planmakv1to be counted, be considered, be reckonedOl oňat işgär hasaplanýar.He is considered a good worker.2to be calculated
hasaplaşmakhasa:plaşmakvto settle up, settle accounts, be quits, pay out
hasaplaşykhasa:plaşyknpayment, settling (with)
hasratnmourning, grief, distress, sorrow, bitternesshasrat çekmekto mourn, grieve (for), be sad, sorrow
hasratlanmakvto grieve, sorrow, be sad, mourn
hassaadjsick, ill, unhealthy; patienthassa bolmakto be ill
hassahananhospitalPraktiki tejribäni umumylaşdyrmak üçin talyplary hassahana ugratdylar.The students were sent to hospital to summarise hospital practice.
hasylha:sylnharvest, yield, cropoňat hasyl ýygnamakto gather in a good harvesthasyl bermekto bear fruithasyl bolmakcomp.vto be fulfilled, to come true, come to fruition, Onuň çagalykdaky arzuwy hasyl boldy.His childhood dream has come true.
hasyllyha:syllyadjbountiful, plentiful, abundanthasylly ýylabundant harvest