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hallyha:llyadjbirth marked, with a birthmark, with a mole, having a moleýaňagy hally gyza girl with a mole on her cheek
haltansack, baggoş haltarucksack, haversack, knapsack, kit-bag
halyha:lyncarpet, rughaly dokamakto weave a carpet
halyçyha:lyçyncarpet maker, carpet weaver
halypahaly:pan1tutor, master, teacher, guru2friend (address)
halysha:ly:sadj1totally, completely, very much, entirely, greatlyhalys ysgyndan düşmekto grow completely weak, lose one's strengthMen işläp halys boldym.I am fed up with working.2pure, clean3sincere, good-hearted
ham1ha:mn1skin, hide (of an animal)hamyny soýmakto skin; to fleece someonehamdan edilenmade from the skin malyň hamyny duzlamakto cure the animal's hidefig2leatherhamdan edilenmade of leather
hamalahama:laadvsupposedly, allegedlyhamala, ol gijä galan ekendä.Let us suppose he is late.
hammamhamma:mnbathhouse, baths, public baths
hammamçyhamma:mçynbath-house attendant
hamylaha:my:laadjpregnant, expecting
hamyrhamy:r1ndough, batterhamyr ýugurmakto knead dough2paste
hamyrlamakhamy:rlamakvto paste
hamyrmaýahamy:rma:ýanfermented dough, sour dough, leaven
hamytha:mytncollar, harness (of a horse)
hanha:nn1khan, ruler (political)a title given to rulers and officials in Central Asia2Khan - the supreme ruler of the Turkish, Tartar, and Mongol tribes, the emperor of China in the Middle Ageshist
hanaha:na1nroom2n(eye) socket3nround seed vessel from e.g. cotton plant4bed, course (of a river)
hanabizarha:nabi:za:radjindifferent, apathetic
hanha-here it is, herehanha ol gelýär.Here he is.
hanlykha:nlykn1khan's power/authority, rule (of a khan)2khanate (historical)
hantamaha:ntama:nexpectation, hopehantama bolmakto cherish the hope, have hopes (for), expectMen senden hiç zat hantama däl.I want nothing from you.