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hakykatdanhaky:katdanadvreally, indeed, in fact, actually, trulyhakykatdan ol öýdedi.Actually, he was at home.
hakykyhaky:kyadjreal, genuine, reliable, trustworthy, upright, actualhakyky dostgenuine friendhakyky habarreliable message
hakyna tutmakvto hire, to renthakyna tutma işhired labourhakyna tutma işçihired worker, wage earnerhakyna tutma ganhorhired assassinmaşyny hakyna tutmakto rent the car
hakyndacfhakdapostabout, of, regarding, concerningol hakyndaabout himsöýgi hakyndaabout love
hal1ha:ln1condition, state, situation2health, conditionhalyny soramakto ask about someone's healthhalyny bilmekto know the conditionbäbegi oňat halda saklamakto keep a baby in good condition3force, strengthhaldan düşmekto grow weak, lose one's strength4adverbhal işligigerund, adverbial participlegrammar
hal2ha:lnbirthmark, moleOl gyzyň boýnunda hal bar.She has a mole on her neck.
hal-ahwalha:l-ahwa:lcfhal-ýagdaýncondition, situation, lifehal-ahwal soraşmakto ask how someone is
hal-ýagdaýha:l-ýagdaýcfhal-ahwaln1healthhal-ýagdaýyňyz nähili?How are you?2life, existence
halalhala:ladj1according to Islamic lawhalal etmeat which can be lawfully eaten (according to Islamic law)2honest, conscientious, honourablehalal adamhonest personhalal gazançhonest earningsHalalyň bolsun!Well done!3characteristic, distinctive
halal-haramhala:l-hara:mcfharamn1legal and illegal, allowed and forbiddenhalal-haramy saýgaryp bilenok.He is not able to differentiate between what is allowed and what is forbidden.2honest and dishonest, honourable and dishonourablehalal-haramy saýgaryp bilenok.He is not able to distinguish between what is honest and what is dishonest.
halallamakhala:llamakvto purify, cleanse (religion)Ol öz hakyny halallap alýar.He earns his wage honestly
halallykhala:llykn1permission, sanction, legality, lawfulness (religion)fig2honesty, conscientiousness, integrity, honourhalallyk bilenhonestly
halamakha:lamakvto like, love, find agreeable
halanmakha:lanmakvto be worthy of respect, deserve respect, be respected, be appreciated, be liked, be loved, be approved of
halashala:sadjsaved, rescued, freed, deliveredMen bu işlerden halas.I'm saved from this work.halas etmekto save, rescuehalas bolmakto be saved, be rescued
halasgärhala:sgärnsaviour, rescuer, liberator
halaşmakha:laşmakvto love each other, be attracted to, like
halat1ha:latn1time, momentşol halatdaat that moment2state, condition, situation, caseOl nähili halatda?How is he?
halat2n1bride price, a long robeýüpek halatsilk robedurmuşa çykýan gyzyň haladygift for the bride2present, gift3miraculous power (religious)
halaýykhala:ýyknpeople, the public, crowds
halk1npeople, citizens, populace, inhabitantszähmetkeş halkworking-class peopleköp halkmany peopleKöçe halkdan doludy.The street was full of people.parahat halka peaceful nationşäher halkycity people, townspeopleoba halkycountry people2npeople, nationality, nation3nfolkhalk döredijiligifolklorehalk aýdymlaryfolk songs4people, crowd
halka1nloop (on clothing), noose, ring2nring, beltaçar üçin halkakey-ring3nencirclement, rimduşmana halka guramakto surround an enemy4ring road
halkarahalka:raadjinternationalhalkara gatnaşyklar bölümiinternational relations/affairs departmentHalkara aýallar güniInternational women's day
hallanlamakhalla:nlamakvto shake, rock, swing, sway
hallanlatmakhalla:nlatmakvto shake, rock, swingsallançagy hallanlatmakto rock the cradleÝel agaçlary hallanlatýar.The wind shakes the trees.